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  • Carries 70 lbs with ease
  • Unfolds and folds up in seconds
  • Lightweight – only 7 lbs.
  • Compact (when folded it is 31″ in length and 14″ in width)
  • Protects your groceries
  • Carry groceries and other bags up stairs
  • Easy to maneuver
  • No more heavy bags cutting into your hands
  • Saves multiple trips

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Perfect for:

Farmer’s Markets, Grocery Stores, Apartment/Condo Dwellers, RV/Boat Owners,
Shopping Malls

EASILY COLLAPSES to a convenient carry and store size

STURDY and easy to use when expanded

LESS STRAIN to use because load is balanced over wheels

GREATER CAPACITY achieved by suspending bags

NO DAMAGED GOODS caused from stacking bags on top of one another

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  • “My customers love how easy the Hook and Go can be set up, broken down and they take up little space in their cars. Plus they purchase so much more from the farmers! I even get customers who shop at other markets coming to Beverly Hills to purchase the carts.”
    Greta Dunlop
    Farmer’s Market Manager
    Torrance and Hermosa Beach Certified Farmer’s Markets
  • “It’s a great marketing tool, because it frees up the customers’ hands and they can shop more.”
    Mary Lou Weiss
    Market Manager
    Torrance and Hermosa Beach Certified Farmer’s Markets
  • “It is the most functional cart available for anyone that regularly shops at farmers’ markets. Simple, easy to assemble and store. Ideal for shoppers on the go.”
    Dexter Carmichael
    Director of Operations
    Ferry Plaza Farmers Market (CUESA)
    Ferry Building, San Francisco